Data collection Block Diagram

Data collection process:

–  Phase-contrast imaging

–  Three cell types of stem cells, bronchial cells, and muscle cells

–  47 videos sets

–   3686 microscopy images

Download Datasets

Original annotated dataset

It includes raw 47 live-imaging sets placed with corresponding annotated call masks, annotated nucleus masks, and label info text files (labels and centroids). You can find some useful information in the “info.txt” files in each folder. These are three cell types stem cells, bronchial epithelial cells, and muscle cells.

Download (3.77 GB)

Cell segmentation dataset example

It includes original cell images and annotated cell body mask images (3686 pairs, three cell types) used in the cell segmentation training and test process.

Download (3.0 GB)

Cell tracking dataset example

It includes 47 time-lapse microscopy sets of three cell types used in the cell tracker training and test process.

Download (3.0 GB)